Andrius Ramonas

Born and raised in Lithuania, Andrius’ running took off on the track at the University of Vilnius while studying medicine.

He naturally progressed to road running where he continued to refine running fundamentals and speed. Andrius’ first foray into trail running was 11 years ago where he suffered through his first 100 miler in the UK. The suffering became fertile ground for a flourishing addiction: since then, he has competed in ultra-distance trail and sky-running races throughout Europe and Australasia.

Andrius cites balance as being a key part of his running philosophy: passionate exploration balanced with careful monitoring of physical stress; long training weekends complemented with appropriate and adequate recovery; and maintaining a deep connection with nature and the environment whilst pushing physical limits of the body.

For many years, Andrius is helping endurance athletes to understand the principles of training and success in their sports. This was one of the main reasons Andrius moved to New Zealand, to pursue his doctoral degree in exercise physiology. Andrius’ academic background and running experience gives him satisfaction managing his coaching business, The RunArt, helping beginners and elites alike to achieve their sporting dreams.

Top accomplishments:    
•    1st The Ring of Fire 72K 2018 (NZ)
•    1st Motatapu Ultra 50K 2019 (NZ)
•    5th Ultra-Trail Australia 100K 2016 (AUS)
•    6th Tarawera Ultra 102K 2017 (NZ)
•    Course records for Tarawera 50K (NZ), Ultra-Trail Australia 50K (AUS)

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