19 Sept 2019

Global Climate Strike

On the 20th September we are joining millions of young people who are urging governments around the world to take meaningful action to address the climate crisis.

As an athlete who lives, works, breathes and plays outside, I don’t see a choice when it comes to acting on climate and doing my best to lead the change that must happen to preserve the life of this planet for future generations. I am participating in the Global Climate March on September 20th because I believe we still have a chance to affect change - if we make our voices heard.Hilaree Nelson


Often, when I spend time in nature skiing, climbing, or simply looking for mountain berries, I'm amazed at how much the natural world gives back to me and humankind despite our best attempts at treating the earth like a dumpster. For me, acting on climate is a way to say thank you for every snowflake, mountain vista, and edible treat which soothes my soul and sparks my curiosity. — Hadley Hammer


I support action on climate change not just because I want to protect the beautiful places in which I play, but because it is basic common sense to care for the one planet we have. Climbing and Paragliding, my two favorite sports owe many of their evolutions to advancements in efficiency and technology - the same innovations that are helping with the climate crisis. I'm proud to be on The North Face Team that shares these values and is making meaningful action to reduce their impact and inspire others to do the same. — Cedar Wright

For more information visit globalclimatestrike.net

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